Education for Menubo Indigenous girls

Mindanao, Kulaman






The Dulangan Menubo girls come from extremely poor indigenous families and live in remote far-flung areas, away from educational institutions. The RNDM Centre has a dormitory that can accommodate 60 girls enrolled in local primary, secondary, and, when possible, college education. It also offers cultural and spiritual formation to help them develop their self-esteem and self-confidence to integrate effectively in society without losing their cultural identity.




Other information

GOALS: To ensure the survival of the Dulangan Menubo tribe into the future, giving particular focus on formal education of the Dulangan Menubo girls.

ACTIVITIES: The Sisters provide primary, secondary and college education to Dulangan Menubo girls and they offer also cultural and spiritual formation for their integration in the society.

BENEFICIARIES: 60 Dulangan Menubo girls 

OTHER INFORMATIONS: Philippines consists of 7,107 islands with a population of 100 million people. There are approximately 100 indigenous tribes in the Philippines, among them are the Dulangan Menubo tribe residing in Mindanao. They are dispossessed of their traditional territories and natural resources and are pushed to the remotest areas, where they struggle to survive and are relegated to extreme poverty.

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