Vinh Trang






The RNDM Sisters have a mission in the villages of  Vinh Trang  that belongs to Nha Trang Diocese. There are five villages where majority of the people are from the Raglai ethnic group. Each village has from 100 to 300 households and they are illiterate, very poor and have limited living conditions. They lack access to information which prevent these people from taking advantage of new opportunities. In most villages, the children and woman are left behind and many of the ethnic minorities in rural areas are hardest hit by poverty. They do not have enough water and land to cultivate. They go to the mountain to plant corn trees to change the waste land into small cultivatable areas. Most of them are labourers, who often do not have enough food for their families and their lives seem unstable. As a result, their children cannot afford to go to schools. Generally, the ethnic minority have find life very hard as they have been isolated and marginalized and find little hope for a better life.

Responding to the needs of these people, we have opened the home to welcome ethnic minority girls and destitute indigenous children from these villages to give them opportunities for education that gives them a brighter future.

Other information

LOCATION: The location is  in Vinh Dong Village, Cam An Nam Ward, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa  Province.

GOALS: The goal is to give opportunities and educate girl children that will bring changes in the society and give them a brighter future.


Provide a safe and happy environment for learning academic subjects and life skills eg, cooking, cleaning, personal health, environmental and leadership skills; Helping the children to learn to adapt to their new surroundings, to develop good communication skills which promotes healthy self-esteem and dignity; Improving their health: children will be provided with healthy food, will engage in exercise and sport thereby keeping in balance all aspects of life and integrated development and to improve and increase their faith through the catechism, Christian value classes and other religious activities.

After graduating from high school, they will be directed to a professional school or career training, depending on their ability. After completing their studies they will return to their own villages to serve their people.

BENEFICIARIES: 30 indigenous girl students between the age of 11-18 years old and their families who are poor, come from the remote villages and belong to Raglai, Van Kieu, Jơ Lơng, Sedang, Barnar, Monong, So tieng and Jo long ethnic groups.

 REQUEST: To enable these indigenous girls to have access to education and improve the standard of their lives. We request the support of all our donors and partners in mission to support them for their educational, medical and living expenses.

Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions - Casa Generalizia Roma 00164 (IT) - Phone: 0039 06 6615 8400 - Email: gensec@rndmgen.org