Pyay, Myanmar


Social Development




The RNDM Sisters are working with and for women in the diocese of Pyay, Myanmar. About 300 families were forced to move to the present place which was the farming land owned by the people of Myaung Shae village. Dantalon is one among the five displaced villages where Nyaung Kine reservoir was built around 1990.The old village was covered with water and ¾ of population lost their farming land and became jobless. Some young men went to Thai border while others moved to towns to work in hotels, restaurants, teashops and hospitals. Some others who could not find means to leave the village remained to work as hired workers at the neighbouring villages. Some of the men became victims of excessive drinking as they could not cope with depression and unemployment. Many women became widows and they struggled to earn for the family while tolerating the drunkard husbands. In order to help these women, RNDM sisters plan to setup a weaving cntre where women can earn some income for their families.

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Dantdalon is one the villages in Oathsipin Parish, in the diocese of Pyay, Myanmar where our sisters have been serving in various missions. It comes under the Pantaung Township, Bago Division, Myanmar.  


To help women through a weaving Centre where women can earn regular money for their families and helping them to be independent.  The goal is also to provide opportunities for women to come and work together at the weaving centre, and exchange ideas on work and life; thus nurture group spirit and relationship building in the families, Parish and society.


For this weaving project, the sisters will gather the women and discuss the plan with them on how to work as a team and to improve their production. Secondly they will set  up a proper centre where the women can come daily and do the work.

The women are very enthusiastic and willing to have a weaving centre as well as working more widely as a group. The sisters will do monitoring and all will help in marketing the products. This will benefit the women much not only to have a regular income but to become more united in spirit and at service.

BENEFICIARIES: 12 women working monthly


This new center will require financial support for buying looms, materials and other accessories for weaving. Besides building and constructions costs, the project requires funding for transport, weavers’ wages and supervision costs. For this, we request the financial support of our mission partners and donors.

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