Christmas Catalogue 2020


Dear Friends,

It’s almost Christmas time again.  The year 2020 has been an unprecedented time for all.  While the world is coping with the COVID 19 pandemic, there are other forms of suffering like natural disaster, unemployment and financial loss and many are deprived of even basic necessities of life. The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions Christmas Catalogue gives you an opportunity to support the suffering people in the missions.

At this Christmas, would you like to participate in giving a Gift you can be proud of? A life-saving gift that gives joy when the recipients recognize and experience that your gift will make such a difference in their lives and that of their families.

The Sisters are recommending special gifts for this Christmas Season. Your contribution will help them to assist some of the less fortunate, neglected and marginalized people of our world who have been affected by Covid-19 and cyclone Amphan that hit South Asia this year.

By purchasing a Gift, You Can Be Proud of, you will be entering into partnership with the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in these life changing and empowering projects.

From the catalogue you will see how your gift will enhance and be a catalyst for change in the lives of children, young people and families in ways that many of us take for granted. The four gifts are: Nutrition and Basic Needs for Slum Children in India; Medical Assistance and PPE for mothers and children in Kenya; Food and Sanitary Items for poor families in Bangladesh and Personal Hygiene and Health Care Support for the disabled in Peru.

Once you purchase a gift online through PAY PAL you will receive a Gift Certificate and a Christmas card which you can then personalize for your loved one. Thank you for your generosity in giving a Gift you can be proud of !

   Christmas blessings of peace and joy to you and your family

Smitha Thomas RNDM and Silvia Mazzenga,
RNDM International Mission Development Office, Rome

Download Christmas Catalogue Brochure

Nutrition and basic needs for slum children Kolkata, INDIA

Queen of the Missions School Kolkata, has a charity school for the girl children who live along the railway tracks. Their parents are poor and have no access to basic facilities like sanitation or clean water. In their struggle to survive, educating their daughters is not their priority. The Sisters encourage them to enrol the girls in our free school and currently there are about 250 girls in this school.
The recent cyclone ‘Amphan’ hit Kolkata during the COVID -19 lockdown leaving great destruction in its wake. It blew off the roof tops, making the slum dwellers face the double challenge of the pandemic and the cyclone. These parents, could no longer think of sending the children to school. The Sisters have been assisting many of the famiilies with basic food assistance.

Your generous gift will improve the living conditions of these families and help to educate their young daughters.


Medical assistance and PPE for mothers & children Matuu, KENYA

RNDM Health Centre Matuu, serves the local people within this rural community, where there is no other access to healthcare services, especially for mothers and children. With the outbreak of Covid-19, we found ourselves unprepared to cope with the demands of such a pandemic. With the number of patients on the increase and the long-term lockdown, unemployment and poor economy, our income has fallen drastically while the demand for health services keep increasing. We are unable to cope with this sudden demand to procure the PPE kit and other necessary equipment like masks and sanitizers for the staff and patients to protect themselves. As the number of COVID-19 patients is rising, the poor people cannot afford the expensive hospital treatments.

Your support will be a life-saving gift to the mothers and children, the general patients and for our staff.


Food & Sanitary items for poor families Bagerhat, BANGLADESH

Bagerhat is one of the coastal district areas of Bangladesh that was hit by the recent Cyclone Amphan. Thousands of families were affected and many farmlands were damaged in the overnight storm.
Maria Polli village, where RNDM sisters are serving is a fishing village with 180 families whose plots of lands and fish ponds were severely destroyed by the Cyclone Amphan. This added more suffering and poverty to the people who were already struggling to cope with the spread of Covid -19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown, many who work as rickshaw pullers, housemaids and other day labourers lost their job and have no means of providing for their basic sus- tenance. The Sisters are trying to reach out to as many people as possible.

Your gift will help provide basic food, rice, potatoes, beans, oil, medicines, vitamins, masks and other sanitary items.


Personal hygiene and health care support for Hogar Belen, PERU

Tei Wa Ngai (Mercy of God) is a Centre where the RNDM Sisters give treatment to disabled children and adults. Recently we have acquired a piece of land where we After traveling across the dusty, rough roads of Moquegua and turning into a driveway of rocks and water, we reach a special place: Hogar Belen, a Community of the Congregation Our Lady of the Missions caring for abandoned and handicapped children.
Covid-19 pandemic has brought its share of suffering to the people around Hogar Belen and Peru. The RNDMs are looking for ways to prevent the contagion among the population. With your gift, it will be possible to provide the centre with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), digital thermos- meters and hygiene kits required for the staff, the residents and the visitors. The Sisters also hope to install a hand washing system at the entrance of the centre to guarantee basic hygienic conditions for all.

Your gift will enable personal hygiene and health care support to protect all at HJogar Belan.

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