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About 15% of the world’s population have some form of disability (WHO data), in Kenya less than five mortality rate is 73 for 1.000 live births, and HIV/AIDS is responsible for up to 29.3% of all deaths and 24.2% of all disability in the country. Prevalence of diabetes in the population aged between 20-79 years is 4.7%. The Sisters are involved in various levels of parish activity and are responsible for two major projects – the Matuu Mission Health Centre and Tei Wa Ngai Project for People with Disabilities in Matuu, Kenya. In Matuu, disabled children can be a social, financial, mental and physical burden most of all in poor families. The Tei Wa Ngai programme is coordinated by the Sisters and is carried out in collaboration with a Team of Health Workers. The Care of clients with Cerebral Palsy or debilitating diseases such as Muscular Dystrophy is an integral part of the Project.


Other information

PROCESS: The key feature of the Programme is home visits by sisters and community health workers to identify new clients or follow up those on the programme. Sisters work to ensure that disabled children have adequate food and a clean environment for sleeping. Physiotherapy is currently available to some of the clients in monthly clinics conducted by the Association for Physically Disabled of Kenya and the Sisters attend these Clinics with Health Workers to benefit the children to some equipment, walking and sitting aids, which the parents can use at home. Many of the children need leg or arm splints, raised shoes or simple devices to correct posture.

  1. GOAL: To ensure regular physiotherapy for disabled children and to have the right equipment for them
    • BENEFICIARIES: 5 to 6
    • COST: $ 5.000 Assistance with transports to reach Clinics/ Corrective Aids
  2. GOAL: To access remedial surgery for children from very poor families where a disability can be corrected through surgery: cleft palette, club foot, knock knees, brittle bone, hydrocephalus, spina bifida etc. and to procure artificial limbs and wheelchairs to enable individuals to achieve mobility and be able to access educational opportunities.
    • BENEFICIARIES: 5 to 6
    • COST: $ 3.500


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