Women at Accountant formation

Vocational training and initial starting of income generating projects



Social Development




This project will completely turn their lives around. From being totally dependent they will have the potential to earn their own living and possibly support a family in the future. Since its inception Tei Wa Ngai (TWN) has assisted young people from very poor homes in this way. Many now have successful businesses in shoemaking, tailoring, carpentry, mechanics and are able to support a family. One young man’s earnings from a shoe making business has enabled him to construct a house. He says he is now ready to marry. This to the community health workers is ultimate success for a person with a physical challenge when given an opportunity to grow to full potential. In some of the Special Schools for children with disabilities opportunities are available. At present TWN is supporting one young man, Benedict, with a hearing impairment who is completing training in Carpentry and is assisting another, who has completed a course in welding, to purchase machinery to set up his own business. Another young man, John, with brittle bone has been enrolled in a Training for Electrical Wiring and Electronics. His particular area of interest is radio and television repair work. Rhoda, a young woman of twenty-seven years who has brittle bone is currently following a course in sewing and knitting. On completion of the course Rhoda would be able to commence a business if she had knitting/ sewing machines. Penina, who has polio, will be assisted to purchase a knitting machine so she can begin to make school uniforms or complete other orders from neighbours for knitted items.


Other information

GOAL: to develop skills and enable the young person with a disability to become financially self-supporting


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