Latin America

One hundred and seven years after the foundation of the Congregation, on the 12 of December 1968, three Sisters arrived in Moquegua, Peru to open the first Mission on South American land, the red soil.
In 1992 our first foundation in Bolivia was opened in Turco, on the High Andean Altiplano, and in 1999 a house of prayer and study was opened the City of Cochabamba.
Unity in diversity is one of the realities of internationality and of the planet itself, and allows for life-giving harmony.
The Latin American Region, initially founded from the Canadian Province soon became an international community. Sisters were welcomed into the young Region first from the United Kingdom, then from countries as diverse as Australia and India, New Zealand and Vietnam, each bringing and contributing their own unique gifts, and receiving in return an expanded vision, an experience of interconnectedness with other parts of the Congregation, and the wealth offered by the Peruvian Culture. We are working in partnership: celebrating liturgies, sharing the Gospel and in missions. Presently we are involved in helping the elderly citizens.






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