Health care is sharing in the compassionate and merciful ministry of Christ. When a person is hungry they need food and when they are sick they need medicine.   Every person who approaches our Medical Centre comes with the hope that they will be diagnosed correctly and have access to the right treatment. Patients also know that we hold them in our daily prayers.

Our Dispensaries and Health Centres are located in under developed areas where patients are unable to get health care from anywhere else. We reach out to people through mobile clinics and also give health talks on preventive medicine.

During the French-Prussian War our Foundress and other sisters in Lyon took care of the wounded soldiers in our mother house in Lyon. Our Foundress stresses the need of extra care of the sick in most of her letters. One such example is as follows:-

“I think that Sister really needs not just a little milk, but a big cupful of milk at breakfast and another at supper time. Since she cannot take our coffee she should have coffee with Chicory.” Mother Foundress justifies the teaching of the apostles… each one was given according to their needs. (Letter of Mother Foundress written on 14th November, 1883)

In Health Care Ministry we strive to care for a person physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually and socially. We are always ready to collaborate with the counsellors, priests and social workers who assist us.

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